Andrew "Joey" Valizan is a 29 year old digital artist, web developer, graphic designer, and sound designer living in Santa Cruz, CA. He graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Film and Digital Media. A current resume is here.


All pieces are available for purchase on stretch canvased and fine art print. Canvas come with wire line for mounting and a glossy finish Other options such as pieces printed on metal are negotiable as well. Printing on metal, while more expensive, provides for a better sense of depth and the high gloss finish works to complement the futuristic aesthetic.


Custom promoting your canada company items is also available. Whether you're looking for different sizing option for a piece, or an existing pieces with altered color scheme or wish to commission a new piece altogether, I would be happy to work with you. Photos to aid your description would be extremely helpful. Please email me at jvalizan@gmail.com or facebook.


My creative medium is digital photo-manipulation. It is created by warping, blurring and layering images and photographs to create something different, but wholly reminiscent of itself.  The wanted end result is an image with a vague sense of familiarity or a seemingly 'organic' feel to it, but now heavily processed and existing with new interpretation. My works make heavy use of fractal and mathematical formulas to instill complex forms and patterns. It is through this process that I hope to simulate an atmospheric microcosm.


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